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Ambassador of Republic of Türkiye, H.E. Serap Aksoy Visit

Members of the Thai-Turkish Business Association (TTTBA) had the privilege of visiting our Ambassador H.E Serap Aksoy, with the aim of enhancing the activities of Turkish companies in Thailand, creating new business opportunities, and providing support to potential investors on the 24th of February 2022. During this productive meeting, they presented the mission, vision, and activities of the association to our Ambassador, while also attentively listening to her valuable insights and thoughts.

The purpose of the visit was to foster closer cooperation between Turkish and Thai businesses, facilitating mutual growth and creating an environment conducive to investment. By discussing various strategies and exploring avenues for collaboration, the TTTBA aims to contribute to the expansion and success of Turkish companies operating in Thailand.

We extend our deepest thanks to Ambassador H.E Serap Aksoy for her kind reception and invaluable insights, and we look forward to continued collaboration and cooperation in the pursuit of shared economic prosperity and strengthened bilateral ties between Turkey and Thailand.


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