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About Us

Thai & Turkish Trade and Business Association is founded as a trade and business organization. TTTBA aims to promote and develop opportunities between Türkiye and Thailand.

Our Mission and Objectives:

  • Promote the enterprise of trading, industry, commerce, finance, investment, tourism, and economic relations between Thailand and Türkiye.

  • Provide advice, suggestions, assistance and support to Members in carrying out business in Thailand and Türkiye.

  • Conduct research and survey, and dissemination of information regarding the business of enterprises as mentioned in the objectives.

  • Promote the quality of products produced or sold by enterprise operators, who are Members.

  • Cooperate with the government in order to promote trade, industry, finance, investment or any other business within its objectives.

  • Promote production in order to provide sufficient quantity of products to meet the market demands inside and outside the country.

  • Support and promote international co-operation with the regional focus on strengthening multi-sectoral connectivity.

  • Perform any other tasks stipulated by law as being the duties of trade associations, or as clearly assigned by the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Trade and Business Opportunities in Türkiye


​As a booming country with a GDP growing at an average annual rate of 5.3 percent over the period of 2003 to 2019, Türkiye represents tremendous potential with numerous investment opportunities for international investors. Experts agree that this trend will continue into the future as the country has strong macroeconomic fundamentals and a dynamic population.

Invest in Türkiye Website


Trade and Business Opportunities in Thailand


THAILAND, with its population of 66 million, stands at the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community, a 10-nation Southeast Asian common market of 661.8 million consumers. It has the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a strong consumer base having a total buying power of over US$246.11 billion. 

Thailand Board of Investment Website

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